Junior Pope Obumneme Odonwodo) is a Nigerian actor from Enugu State. He was born to Mr and Mrs. Luke Odonwodo on May 7th in Bamenda, Cameroon.
He attended Government Primary School, Azire, Mankon.
In the early 90’s, his family returned to Nigeria.
In 1994, he enrolled into the Federal Government College Okigwe.
After that he was admitted into the University of Nigeria to study Accountancy.
The young actor cut his teeth in the film industry with the movie Secret Adventure directed by Tchidi Chikere. After that, he went on to star in many other movies such as: Stronger than Pain, Mad Sex, Mission Impossible, queen of the jungle, vengeance of bullet,my diva & many more  He has so far starred in more than 100 movies.
In 2010 he was awarded the most promising Nollywood actor of the year  by Entertainment Factory and in 2011 he was nominated as the best new male actor of the year by City People,and in 2012 the NMA (Nollywood Movies Awards) nominated him as the best supporting actor of the year,To the glory of God the Benue state government awarded him the most creative Nollywood actor of year.

1. Why did you choose this profession and what do you love most about it????? :   Well, I did not really choose this profession. It chose me. You know, there is this Lady Gaga song I love so much: Born this way.From birth, I have always had the an inexplicable love for the arts. At the age of 6, I was already  in the Drama team in Small Mankon, Cameroon. So, immediately after I graduated from the University of Nigeria, there was just one choice for me: Nollywood. So, I had to answer the call. It’s destiny. And I love the fortune and fame that accompanies it.

2: What inspires you ?: The thought of living forever on the screens…..I’m inspired by a lot of things. But I’m particularly inspired by my environment. The people around me: my family, friends etc.Also I have some foreign acts who inspire me madly (Denzel washignton,Will smith and back home Jim Iyke,mike Ezuronye )

3: What was your favourite of all your acts so far and why?:
That’s a tough one cause each and everyone of my act is exceptional cause they all come with different interpretations but I would say DEEPER THAN FACES directed by Tchidi chikere;reasons being that I just came into Nollywood and was put to d test of which to myself and my critics;I was outstanding.

4: What is your typical day like?:  Get up. Pray. Gym to keep fit. U knw, health is wealth. Go on set or attend to other business concerns. Hang out with friends if I aint tired.Go to bed. Etc

5:How do you relax?:
I listen to music,play games (P.S) and watch a lot of movies. I listen to good music to relax. My taste in music is really eclectic. So, I can move from Kenny G in the morning to Flavour in the afternoon and Osadebe at night. But mostly, you are most likely to catch me listening to Tupac. I like him a lot. He was the greatest!

6:what’s the silliest thing you have ever done ?:
Trying to jump start an automatic vehicle;that was just when I started driving.

7:If you weren’t doing what you do now what else would you have loved to do?:
If I wasn’t acting? No way. Like I said earlier, this is destiny. The Chinese sages were emphatic in their wisdom when they opined that: A MAN ALWAYS FINDS HIS DESTINY ON THE ROAD HE TAKES TO AVOID IT. So, somehow I’d have come around and still been a movie star. But other than that… well, maybe I’d have been a rapper if I wasn’t in the industry.

8. What’s your most memorable fan encounter?:
Well, I got a lot of crazy fans out there that love me to the bone. And I really love them right back. My craziest fan encounter was a fan in Cameroun that wanted an autograph in her private place. Hahahaahah. It was so weird. Then, I had fans who wanted to stamped me in far away Senegal. It was crazy,man. But I enjoyed it thoroughly. You know, it’s great to know you have such a huge fan base there.

9: what would you always want to be rememberd for or how would you always want to be rememberd?:
I will like to be remembered as someone who gave his all to everything he did. Also, I’ll like to be remembered as a humanist: a very caring actor,that brought so much change to Nollywood (Swagg).

10. If today were to be your last day on earth, what would you do differently?: I wouldn’t do anything differently really because my guiding philosophy is: Live everyday as though it is your last. One day you’ll be right.I choose my style and I am living it to the glory of God.





A native of Etsakor Central in northern Edo state, IKAY, full name Ikpemhosi Amakhabi is a psalmist, song writer and worship leader at Global Impact Church based in Lagos, Nigeria. Born in the early 80s, Ikpemhosi grew up in a strong Christian background where discipline and integrity was the hallmark. He is a graduate of History at the prestigious University of Benin, Benin City.

His genre of choice is Contemporary Christian Rock which he blends with the rich African rhythm to birth great songs of praise and worship with musical/ministry influences from Pastor Yemi Davids (Senior Pastor, Global Impact Church), Israel Houghton, Pastor Wale Adenuga, Hillsong United, Olumide Ogunade (ID CABASA) and a host of others.

Under the management of Impact Music, his first single, Akamaranma (Beautiful hands) has garnered massive accolades and has enjoyed profound radio airplay thereby carving a niche for himself in the Gospel rock genre. He has also released a second single, No Be Lie which is drawing awesome attention in the gospel scene now.


1. Why did you choose this profession & what do you love most about it? : Music, for me is one of the most beautiful of God’s creation. And to be able to create good music is not only a privilege but a joy. Music is one thing I can do without expecting returns and I would still be happy. 

Also, I chose to do gospel music because I really can’t imagine myself doing any other thing.  I believe my gifts are for His worship. I’ve always said this that one time I tried to write a love song for my wife before we got married. Didn’t work. I kept putting in phrases like “I worship you” in the lyrics”. 

2. What inspires you? (What’s your OOMF?): My major inspiration is God’s word and the impact I have felt and seen from its principles. I’m also inspired by the teaching of Pastor Yemi and Bimbo Davids, both Pastors of Global Impact Church, surulere, Lagos. Their ministry has been invaluable in the moulding of IKAY. Also listening to great Rock Songs spur e on to do better.

3. Whats your favourite of all your acts/songs/performances/shows so far and WHY?: I really don’t have a favourite. Each performance brings a great feeling of fulfillment especially when I get feedback from people and fans of how blessed they are because of the performance.

4. What’s your typical day like?: I currently work with a Bank. Yup! A bank. Weekends is where the music in me  happens, at least for now.

5. How do you relax?: I watch cartoons. Can’t do without them

6. What’s the SILLIEST thing you’ve ever done? Can’t put my finger on one now. lol

7. If you weren’t doing what you do now, what else would you have loved to do?:  I would have loved to be a Fashion designer.

8. What’s your most memorable fan encounter?: A major wow moment was the first time my Pastor was still on stage ministering and he instructed that one of my songs be played right there and then. The love was massive. That was huge for me.

9. What would you always want to be remembered for or how would you always want to be remembered?: That the songs I write would still be sung many generations to come and they would still carry the same impact they have now.

10. If today were to be your last day on earth, what would you do differently?: I really can’t say. No regrets.


  1. we want to see more of actresses

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