Diary Of An Abuja Artist



Day 10: Tuesday

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do even if it slowly saps the breath out of them with every second they dedicate to whatever it is that they do?

My opinion…there will never be any one straight answer.

I’ve been at my laptop since Sunday…hours running into hours and days running into days. No…it’s not what you think. I’m a different kind of artist and my art has nothing to do with either sweet talking unsuspecting foreigners long and hard enough to get them parting with that seemingly inexhaustible stash of green or spending countless hours professing love to some lonely sap looking to find a price charming…of course the chocolate skinned Adonis that I am would fit the profile in a heartbeat but no, that’s not my kind of gig.

Still wondering why I’d be in front of a laptops for a week? I edit videos. It’s one of the many things I do.

Sometime ago I decided that the drudgery of a bank job was more than my itchy mind could handle so I opted out to pursue a career in the creative arts.

It’s been a couple of years and I’ve picked up a whole lot of stuff along the way.

Editing is a funny thing. You get to play back bits of people’s lives over and over and over and over again. At first it’s fun…then the repetition gets unnerving and then the words you heard like hours ago start floating around in your head. It’s like hearing voices…the crazy kind.

Day 11: Wednesday

Switch up. Today we begin recording a short film. I’m thinking about the work and wondering how we are going to pull it off.

So it’s a zero budget production and we have pretty good heads on the team. My worry still is the actors. Many of them have not worked under conditions such as presented today. But I have this gut feeling that things will work out just fine.

I’m still in bed thinking these thoughts…but I shouldn’t be.

Day 13: Friday

Sorry. Today was a nightmare. First the power went out and then we couldn’t get the generator on then a lamp blew and my camera froze. Enough drama for one day. We are shooting late.

Day 14: Saturday

Finally done. It’s a wrap. I’m looking forward to a cold bath, diner and my bed.

Ouch! Now I remember. That’s not going to happen. The wedding video. I thought my reminder was set to go off at 9pm yesterday. Did I see it…or not? And delivery is still set for tomorrow.

Work, like it never ends. Guess diner will have to wait. On to the next one.







Sunday Jan 20th 2013:
Still asking why they say Sunday is the first day of the week…I wonder.
I tried keeping a diary a couple of years ago. Pretty tough work I tell you. The stress of picking a pen and putting same to paper…the thought of it…
But at least I tried. High school saw me start my first ever diary and I only got through the first week before I called it quits.
Yeah, don’t pretend like you never tried it sometime, keeping a diary that is.
It’s a lot easier now though with laptops and mobile devices. I wrote this on my smartphone between cutting another wedding video and making brunch at 5PM.

Don’t ask my name. Right now it’s the least of my worries and it shouldn’t be any of yours.
29years and counting, that’s how old I tell anybody who cares to ask and as always I get the usual quizzical look…like are you serious?
I guess it’s something in the genes…you know…that gift of eternal youth that eludes millions of unlucky mortals. My mother has it. She’s 62 but most people think she’s still 40ish. Funny huh? Someone asked once if I was her brother, no joke.

But back to me. Yes I’m 29 and yes I don’t look 29. But I wasn’t always 29. I grew up. Like boys my age back then I tried speeding up the growth process. No steroids or funny pills, just the occasional rub of methylated spirit on the upper lip and jaw. It worked…no joke.
Now I sport a full beard that’s pretty difficult to maintain. The irony.

Abuja is not the city you think it is…you…I’m talking to you…yes. I’ve been here since 1993. It was pretty empty back then with the quiet streets and lazy weekends. Not it’s all different. Traffic…business…crime…the jolly mix…and me.

Still wondering who I am huh? Wonder on.

I didn’t go to church today because I had to work on a short film. There’s been this never ending battle between the champions of Sunday worship and the unlucky faithful whose job requires them to work unholy hours.
Me, I wear my scars proudly. You may define essential services differently but me, I say there’s no real excuse that any other professional can offer to justify their abstinence from church on Sunday.

Monday Jan 21st 2013:
I survived Monday. The heat was insane. I woke twice during the night and had to check if all my parts were intact. Yes, it was that hot and NEPA (I know that’s no longer their name but who really cares?) didn’t help one bit.
At times like this I envy people with means who lounge in air conditioned apartments all night and day. The life…la Vida…but it’s all good.

Saturday Jan 26th 2013
Wait…where did the other days go? Oh, right. I lived them. Tomorrow is Sunday again. After sleeping two nights without electricity and roiling in the sweltering heat I’m glad the week is over.
But enough of the whining. Two wedding videos finished and delivered, that’s what you get for having an awesome team.
Next week will be better. At least I got to write three days out of seven. So much for getting back to diary writing.
Now I think of it…I could get used to this.



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