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Dealing with people ahead of you? None is perfect, none is flawless. We are all learners.

Striving hard everyday to become someone in life yet failing Ą̸̸̸πδ failing miserably. You look up at people who have made it already Ą̸̸̸πδ you are wondering ” how was that possible? How did that person make it work?

You should know that they also faced challenges before they made it.

Challenges are obstacles, that arise to make you stronger in the end.

” The brick walls are there for a reason, not to keep you out but to give you a chance to show how badly you want something. Because, the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough- RANDY PAUSH”.

The challenges you are going through today is only a part of the success you want to achieve. Your ability to scale through is what makes you a success. Ą̸̸̸πδ to be a success, you’ve got to work hard to fight those challenges. Ą̸̸̸πδ you’ll see yourself making it big time.

Face your challenges today, don’t run away from them Ą̸̸̸πδ don’t let them deter your determination. Only then would your way to success be paved.

*Written By Chinyere*


Managing Criticisms!

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas”- Anon

It is just in our human spirit to develop venom for the next man the moment we realize that they are headed on a success journey. It is not surprising to note that people are in many occasions in the habit of (maybe out of ill will or one reason or the other not to be separated from sentiments), denting your image or making you feel you are not deserving of what you are getting. They see dust in you no matter how much effort you try to let them know of the gold enclave within you. Our world unfortunately enough, is filled with short sighted men and women who see only the obvious in their fellow human beings. They hardly discern anything good in others outside their defects, handicaps, weaknesses, inabilities, short comings and lack, forgetting that the real handicaps are those who cannot see the abilities amidst disabilities as Robert Schuler once counseled.

We live in times when we have more fault finders than good finders. We tend to have people who delight in pointing out only those things that are wrong with their fellow humans than tell them what is right with them or encourage them in any endeavor they may be engaged in. they are more delighted in your misfortunes and how they crave for the day you are doomed o condemnation.

In my few years on earth, I have come to the discovery that there is a strong man in every weak man; a rich man in every poor man; a champion in every loser; a winner in every failure; ability in every disability; a light in every darkness and a good man in every bad man. Haven been a victim of ridicule in my continuous but arduous task of climbing the success ladder, I have learnt that the greatest encouragement is that which comes from within and not those that pour in from without. I have come to terms with the trite that no body and I mean nobody really cares until the day you make it and thus I have vowed not to allow the next man who knows little or nothing about who I am and what I can do, determine the height I can go. I have vowed not to allow the next man to be the arbiter in my own success strategies.

Critics for me are people who cannot or are not able to discover the deposits of talent in them, unfortunate as they are, have resorted to maim any, who is able to discover theirs and are working towards its actualization. To some certain extent, I see them as the eye openers to one’s potential success. Either way, they know you are going to make it up the ladder of success which they have strived but not with any luck and so they don’t want to see you get there, not while they are still around, not while they still respire and will do anything to achieve their iniquitous goal.

Do not see them as any hurdle to what you do. On the fairer side, make them your acquaintance and that is the greatest weapon you can use against them. Nobody ever made it to the top without critics around them during those early stages. They may be critics today, but tomorrow watch them as they join the queue as your fans for critics may abound, but anybody who sets his hand and sight to the task at hand will always be the victor.

*Raymond tweets @yung_silky*



Fight the good fight with all thy might, Christ is thine strength Ą̸̸̸πδ Christ thy might. If Christ is your might Ą̸̸̸πδ strength you cannot be tired you know.

For in Him alone do we exist Ą̸̸̸πδ without Him we are but walking corpses. In your everyday life you are faced with battles Ą̸̸̸πδ challenges that weakens your body Ą̸̸̸πδ even your spirit. You struggle to get there, to hold on but your efforts fail. You can get out of that wicked zone. All you need to do is ask Jesus because He’s always waiting for you to ask Him. Doesn’t matter the last time you called on Him, He is always ready to grant your wish.

‎​So whatever you find yourself doing, just ask Ą̸̸̸πδ I trust that you’ll get what you wish for.

*Written By Chinyere*



“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The sun’s rays does not burn until brought into focus”- Alexander Graham Bell.

I am more interested in the stories of men irrespective of their race, color, creed, sex or nationality. What is important to me is their vision based on the discovery of purpose and the contributions they have made or are making to life and humanity. Onlookers, bystanders and busy bodies don’t appeal to me; they only criticize, make noise, create problems and crave for the day you fail because they are ignorant of purpose and have been condemned into a life where they are merely passive members of their societies.

To me, living a life of purpose under God is the most important reason for living. It is purpose that gives meaning to life. Come to think of it, we were not all created to fulfill the same purpose or to play the same roles in life that is why we have different talents and abilities just like in a football game- each team is divided into 11 set of players playing different roles but for a collective purpose. Any deficit in any of these wings affects the entire performance of the team in question.

The problem is that many times, we get unnecessarily angry, impolite and prejudiced with people we consider in our own opinion as undeserving of anything good in life, because they do not fit into our kind of people. Rub that off, men of purpose have no time to be biased, discriminative or intolerant; they are busy fulfilling their God given assignment than to think of maiming the next man. They have an understanding that someone’s destiny cannot cancel their own. Let me share this secret with you: what makes you a needed factor in your generation is the understanding of your potentials, your ability to discover the purpose of your being and the ability to fulfill same through the release of these treasures deposited in you. In one word- HARDWORK.

Take a cursory look through history; all those who made it in life are not smarter than you and I in any way. The only difference is that, they were able to understand the principles that work and were willing and disciplined enough to stick to their goals until they reached the harbor of their success. Hard as it may seem, the consolation is that, No one is big enough to stop a man with such insights.

Jim Rohn said, “Successful people leave clues behind.” One of the most vital and powerful ingredients used by people who reached the zenith of their career be it in the sciences, arts, sports, religion. Politics, law, business, academics and so on, is the fact that they were focused on clearly defined objectives. These people never tried to do or know everything. Those who do that at best become encyclopedias. An encyclopedia never specializes in anything. General knowledge for me is not good for the times we live in.

It is high time you find out what your life contains and work towards it. It is time to discover the treasures you are loaded with, that can help you to answer the difficult questions of life. Whatever that one thing is, that makes you unique and needful. If it can help you make a difference from the crowd and be a reference, if it gives you meaning, if it gives you happiness, joy and fulfillment doing it, then set your mind and concentrate on it. Think it, dream it, work it, wear it and faith it until you make it. Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific Rick Warren said.

Remember, until you focus, you will never accomplish much nor be noticed. Focusing on the right things is what makes you worthy of attention and being mentioned in right places thus setting the stage for your world to celebrate you and remember you for good long after you must have left its threshold.

*Raymond tweets @yung_silky*



Ever fell in love with someone who doesn’t even know you exist? It happens all the time. You try talking to the person or even flirting with the person but they still don’t take note of you. You withdraw into yourself Ą̸̸̸πδ shut the world out thinking you are not worth someone else’ attention.

You don’t have to do that. Don’t hide, don’t devalue yourself rather see yourself as that beauty that our Father in heaven created. For all you know, you were specially Ą̸̸̸πδ wonderfully made. You should know that you’re worth more than 10 people. Its possible that person you are pining for is not meant for you.
There are better people out there searching for persons just like you but if you keep hiding, you’ll miss your chance of happily ever after.

So guys Ą̸̸̸πδ babes!!! Leave that cocoon you put yourself in Ą̸̸̸πδ show the world your beauty. Show them what you got Ą̸̸̸πδ don’t forget to hope in God.

*Written By Chinyere*



You could probably be like me you know, very scared of taking risks. Your life moves in the same circle Ą̸̸̸πδ everyday you encounter the same thing. Ą̸̸̸πδ you are wondering “why does my life seem like its not moving forward”

You have dreams, big dreams but you are scared of running after them. Why? Because you are scared of what might happen or what people would say about you.

I used to be like that. Until something happened that turned my mindset about risks. I used to be a very shy person. In school I had many ideas I wanted to share but couldn’t because I was shy.. Till one day, I decided ” why let things fall apart when I have the power to make them right?” I stood for the first time Ą̸̸̸πδ made my points. I was rewarded very well.. I won’t tell you what I was given but just know that I got my reward.

Risk is all about putting your all, what matters most to you out there in order to make a stand. It means taking a bold step even when you know you could possibly fall. It doesn’t matter your age, size or even background. You could be in school, in the labour market or even a doctor.

What matters most is that you know the consequence or reward of the risk you are about to take… Put yourself forward, step on the gas Ą̸̸̸πδ be on your way. Ą̸̸̸πδ just know that with determination Ą̸̸̸πδ hardwork, you will get there.

*Written By Chinyere*




​In our day to day interaction with our environment and by the accident of the social human beings whom we are, it is only natural that we will at certain points be bounded to one relationship or the other be it the familial, the casual which in many cases are found in schools as school children, in the neighborhood as little children growing up, in the offices as employers and employees and so it goes ad infinitum. As we advance the stages of puberty and graduate into adulthood, we become victims of more intimate relationship as we become aware of our biological gadgets by way of having knowledge of our sexual organs and becoming attracted to the opposite sex and in the process fall in love, and experiment relationship.

​Now, it is only human for people to walk in and walk out of relationships thus the word ‘heart break’ has become something close to a mantra among young adolescents, teenagers, youths and adults. It has become very difficult for people to differentiate or find the gulf between the words: infatuation, lust and love and most often than not, mix the whole thing up and in no time find themselves crashing to the ground, suffer psychological trauma and in extreme cases, attempting suicide.
​Not even the greatest of sociologists like Sigmund Freud, August Comte (e.t.c) were able to come up with a generally accepted reason why relationships build in no time and all crash in many occasions. Had they lived more years on earth, they might have caught up some luck but since they found none before their deaths, we are forced to meddle with the inevitable consequences of many relationships today- yes you are right, HEART BREAKS. Haven struggled to establish this fact, how then do we treat this social menace when we fall victims?

​Falling out of a love affair can be so traumatizing no doubt. That knowledge of you not having to see him or her again, that knowledge of not having the shoulder to cry on, or the arms to cuddle you in the thick cold night as it used to be during those rosy days, that knowledge of you walking on the street and going for shopping alone, spending your entire day without him or her calling to tell you how you are appreciated or mean a lot to their lives can be psychologically crushing, one that may leave you eating yourself up, blaming and cursing the day the you ever met him or her. But be that as it may, every heart, broken emotionally can always be mended and will fall in love again if not today, sometime soon.

​Loosing him or her may have cost you more than enough that you can imagine but it is taking the bold step to know that you can still exist and live happily again without your partner is what defines you irrespective of how much love you have for them. My relationship life is not one story, you want to hear about. I mean filled with many heart wrecking stories but despite all odds I have not been denied the joy that comes from true relationship. Being a Libra as a result of the coincidence of my Zodiac sign meant that I cried in many instances as a result of my/our emotional nature but at the end of the day, I ensured that I didn’t trade my happiness for anybody’s inability to know me some more.

​So whatever it is that you may be going through in your relationship life, you haven’t seen worse. Every broken hearts will definitely smile again someday. The window period out of a true love affair is not always interesting but do all you can to steal the many lessons it comes with. Lay your hands on as many literary books as possible as you can, watch lots of movies, have fun even though it seems almost impossible in many cases, visit your close friends and most importantly talk to your God and to your conscience to find those wrongs you couldn’t right before this ‘ship’ came crashing. Keep your head up and stay cool for these broken heart must be mended again and your next hubby may be what you have always waited for.. Let’s do this again tomorrow.

*Raymond tweets @yung_silky*




There are times when you try to do something but you fail. Times when it feels like life itself is against you. Ever had any of such feelings? Those times when even your closest friend ditches you. You try to stand but yet you fall.

Get up dude!! Wake up babe!! Its not time to feel sorry for yourself. Rather its the time you stand up for what you want. Ą̸̸̸πδ know the fact that YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU.

You may have heard of the guy who invented ‘the electric bulb’. He tried Ą̸̸̸πδ failed miserably a lot of times but in the end, he produced the light bulb.

He believed in himself Ą̸̸̸πδ came through. Believe in yourself today. Do not let the world around you pull you into the shadows. Yep its a little hard especially when there is no one to help you.

But Just know one thing for sure. That WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

*Written By Chinyere*




​“I have always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific”- lily Tomblin.

In 1961, Michael Ani, a young student activist met Nigeria’s Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa at the Nigerian high commission House in London. Balewa asked him, “My son, what is your ambition in life?” young Ani replied, “I want to be a Finance Minister and not only that, but the best Finance Minister.” Balewa then answered, “You will surely be Nigeria’s Finance Minister, but to be the best Finance Minister, you have to work hard.”

​Late General Sani Abacha was not there when this young man was dreaming, neither did Balewa tell him about the prophecy he made. In fact, Abacha equally young at that time didn’t know he will become head of state, but we are all living witnesses to the fact that in Oct. 1994, General Abacha fulfilled the 33 year old dream and prophecy when Ani was appointed a finance minister. History will judge whether he was the best finance minister or not, but he ultimately reached the height he dreamt of.

​Life without a purpose is life without meaning. John D. Rockefeller Jnr. said, “Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may be one’s aim”. An arrow shot from the bow does not wander around to see what it can hit on the way. It goes straight to the mark. If it ever misses the mark, it is because the man missed the target.

​A life without a goal is like a plane in the air without destination. A young man once asked a great and famous man “how can I make a name for myself in the world and become successful?” the man simply replied: “you are only to decide upon what it is you want and then stay with it, never deviating from your course, no matter how long it takes or how rough the road, until you have accomplished it.”

​The problem of many is that they allow others to create their world for them. They live their lives like a janitor in a lift, always busy going up and down but never reaching a particular destination. Life is like a large river flowing. You don’t just jump into it until you have consciously decided where you want to end up with.

​Just imagine a world without a Thomas Edison, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and many others too numerous to mention here, who impacted their world for good because of the dreams they dreamt long ago. Imagine a world without singers, investors, entrepreneurs, industrialists, leaders, preachers and lots more. The world wants to benefit from the deposits inside you but until you dream and take the necessary actions, you will be uncelebrated.

​The good news is that it’s never too late to live your dreams if you still have breath in your nostrils. You can still enjoy the good life. You can leave legacies behind. All you need is to reawaken the child in you, so he or she can dream again and reveal the giant locked up within.
​Dare to dream and make difference. Welcome to the dreamers world.

*Raymond Tweets @yung_silky*




Have you ever thought to yourself why most dreams you had as a child suddenly disappeared?.

You probably wanted to be a medical doctor but you ended up a teacher, or you wanted to ride a GMC car instead you are stuck with a Toyota camry(not that Camry is bad o). You always wanted good grades Ą̸̸̸πδ even worked hard for it but you find yourself in third class. Ą̸̸̸πδ you ask” what really happened to me?”.

Am telling you today. According to 1john 5: 14-15. It says we should pray according to God’s will… Yes God says you should ask Ą̸̸̸πδ whatever you desire will be provided. But have you prayed according to HIS will?.

When you make your supplications known to Him, ask that it aligns with His will for your life. Ą̸̸̸πδ you will see a turnaround in that situation.

It doesn’t matter how many years of your life you’ve wasted… God will surely come through for You. Amen

*Written By Chinyere*




“He who lives without discipline is exposed to grievous ruin- Thomas A. Kempis”

It is just a common thing around for people to say one thing this minute and before you could say Jack Robinson, they sway from that to something else. Almost every one of us is a victim of this poor attitude towards life. I will share with you a very short story of this young man. He is a very fat man with a protruding tummy that you don’t want to take a glance at. He decided to go on a diet in order to check his weight and improve his looks that has caused more than enough psychological inferiority at office and in the general public. One of his resolutions was to never pass by his favorite bakery again on his way to work so he decided to take a different route!

One day, everybody in his office was astonished when this fat fellow shuffled in to work carrying a huge loaf of buttered bread and other frozen dairy products oozing with frostings and goodies. Ashamed of himself, and feeling so guilty conscious, he quickly rushed to explain to his colleagues saying: “this is entirely different. I mean by mistake, I went by the bakery this morning and this was right in the window looking at me. So I said, lord if you want me to buy that, let there be a parking space in front of the bakery and to my chagrin, there was one”

Isn’t it amazing, the kind of excuse we try to give for our failures? This poor fellow couldn’t just muster the courage to say “No” to the dairy products and “Yes” to a better or healthier weight. Rather than manage his life, he has allowed life to manage him. He has forgotten the trite that nothing comes without a price.

Just like the man in the picture, we are most often than not, victims of his actions towards the decisions we make in our lives. Many of us know what to do in order to succeed but carelessly refuse to do those things we claim to know. Success comes with a price tag and there are no discounts. Is there ever any gain without a price? Absolute no.

To have and secure a better tomorrow, you must be willing to make sacrifices today. You must be willing to say goodbye to mediocrity, indiscipline, laziness, impatience or the likes. I happened to come across a TV documentary the other day celebrating the exploits of the most celebrated wrestlers and guest who was involved- Hulk Hogan. While showing his many exploits and victories, they suddenly took us to his private world- the arena where he prepares, practices and trains and it is just so amazing what these people do in their secret places.

You can never discover what takes men to the top by looking at the top. You must give up something for something. Make that decision today and never renege on your words then watch yourself take over success.

*Raymond tweets @yung_silky*




To live, to eat, to breath, to sleep Ą̸̸̸πδ to awaken is only dependent on God.. He is the source of our being, the reason why we are alive…

There might have been situations when it seemed like all hope was lost. Yet you scaled through. How it happened was beyond your imagination. But it was God, walking with your through that period of storm Ą̸̸̸πδ despair.

‎​So from now on, through it all, learn to trust in Jesus Ą̸̸̸πδ He will always come through for you as He has always done.

*Written By Chinyere*




God created the world out of love. In love was man formed Ą̸̸̸πδ in love breath was given to man.

Love is a feeling, that feeling that overwhelms you for someone or something. Love is when you are willing to sacrifice all for something.

In love, lay down your all. Your heart, your soul, your time, your money Ą̸̸̸πδ things you hold dear to you. Keep love close to you Ą̸̸̸πδ even when it hurts, never give up on love.

For in all things, love is the fulfilling of God’s word

*Written By Chinyere*




How many times have you been tossed up and about by the hurricane winds of fate? How many times have you labored and given all your efforts whether physically, mentally and otherwise just to make ends meet but at the end of the day, it all amounts to a futile attempt? How many job interviews have you attended only to be dismissed in the customary ‘we shall get back at you’ manner? How many times have you asked: what is the reason for living when all efforts towards a better tomorrow voids down to little or nothing?

One in every three persons reading this piece, have in one way or the other undergone or are still passing through the ‘ugly’ but life changing scenarios depicted above. It’s even worse when looked at, from the Nigerian angle where the welfare of the citizenry, is not a reason paramount enough to cause the rulers of the day to lose sleep over. Whenever I hear a case of suicide in any part of the country and yonder, I am always shocked and troubled about the few or many reasons that may have warranted the cruel act of suicide. It pricks my imagination the more, when the foregoing life threatening issues pops up in my mind as one of the possible accessories to the act.

We live in a world where the heart of man is every now and then preoccupied with the intention to do or achieve one goal or another but fate and destiny always comes in the middle of the pack, to either delay or annihilate those dreams. So whatever it is, you are working at, whatever it is that you have given all your effort but yet have failed to come to fruition, it is not enough for you to give up and call yourself a failure. Failure, for all I know, is one word; I haven’t been able to come across in my dictionary of success, the height of my perusal notwithstanding.
Are you a young writer hoping to be celebrated someday? Keep up the good work you do, develop love and passion for it as they are the greatest tools to your success story tomorrow. The fame and the huge account balance may not be coming any soon but let your passion for what you do, pay your goal bills. Are you a student, a job seeker, an aspiring footballer, an artiste? Whatever it may be, keep up the struggle, make your passion your finance, sleep with your dreams, wake up with your goals and never stop to aim higher. Make the skies your stepping stone.

Never was it known where true success came any cheaper and your own story cannot be an exception. Keep the ‘oil’ of hard work burning, broadcast what you do but yet hustle in silence and on a final note, trust in God for no success ever came without God’s grace.

Nobody is ever doomed than the one who thinketh that he can succeed without God. So whatever it is you do today or aiming at? Always remember that you have already treaded a long path and going back will definitely be a great difficulty and an unwise decision and before you could look up, you will make the headlines in the Mags. The 3 p’s of success: patience, persistence and perseverance are only what you need, so do not give up on that stride today because your tomorrow is anchored on it. Let’s do this again tomorrow.

*Raymond tweets @yung_silky*



When life drops you; it only wants to see you bounce back, higher. Bouncing back each time one gets dropped is what separates ‘winners’ from the rest.

While there are quite a few factors to achieve success, in whatever it is that you’re after, the ‘one’ that is most important is – perseverance. Bouncing back and keeping at it, when you’re NOT at your best, is what has gotten results to each one, every single time that (s)he has yearned for anything.

Life could get rough, real tough at times and the goal you’ve set could appear distant. When that happens, don’t waste time procrastinating or cursing your luck, because that is what it really is – waste of time. Instead, start bouncing back from that very moment you fall (or fail), to get the head start and gain momentum. There will be better times to rest. Now’s the time to be bouncing back.

Collect all you’ve got, analyze the situation and by all means, make course corrections where warranted, and bounce back. Take advice from friends, learn from your experience and others’, think and be positive, work harder and you’re sure to be bouncing back. Sounds simple, but not easy without your perseverance, that is.

Be a leader. Lead your life to the greatness it deserves. Bouncing back, each time you fall.




Time is nothing new to us and not an alien word either but the alien word is time management.

What is exactly is TIME MANAGEMENT? How does it affect us? There is so much about it and it as really affected people because a few don’t know how to manage their time and this has caused a lot of damage to their career, profession and their entire life.

So lets first examine the meaning of Time Management and see how it affects our daily life.

Time management is the ability to allocate our unlimited goals into our limited time to achieve success. It is necessary in attaining success. A saying goes that “if you fail to plan,you will plan to fail” and without time management your plans are nothing.

If you have noticed that you don’t succeed in what you do, why don’t you see if you achieve your goal at the time you set achieve it. If you don’t, you need to start working towards that.

Time management is really a good thing if you cultivate the habit of managing your time you will be success than you are now. Because your work will be done faster than before. To be successful you have to plan your time because procrastination will never lead you to success. If you keep postponing things that are to be done now till later, you will see that it will never be done on time and this can affect your other plans and before you know it you won’t achieve your goal at that particular time and this hinders success.

You can manage your time by allocating your plans to a fixed time and making it happen at that particular time.



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