Toni Payne: ‘As Far As I Am Concerned Tonto Dike Is Not A Musician’


Estranged wife of 9ice, Toni Payne is obviously not finding Tonto Dike’s musical controversies funny.

Toni Payne is being reported to have said this recently concerning Tonto Dike:

“It’s actually funny, I would not want to lie, I heard one of her songs on radio once. You know what; I think the way people reacted to it seemed like bad. There is a way you criticise people constructively, you don’t have to make the person feel bad, I think a lot of people turned it into insults. That’s probably, because they don’t like her. It was not even as bad as they make it look like. But my score is that, obviously, she is not a singer. And I am sure she knows she is not a singer. May be she was just having fun. For that, I will give her like 25% over 100% for her effort. There are some people that have dreams and they like to fulfill their dreams, so she gets 25% for trying”.


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  1. ugly bitch! who d hell ask u? na jealous go kill u old cargo…anyway God bless u tonto

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