Wiz Kid Leaves Banky W’s EME Records??

Yep, it seems another divorce is shaking the entire Nigerian Music Scene.

WizKid due to some reasons best known to him it seems, has parted ways with Banky W.

WizKid took to twitter to tweet this:

“Don’t take Loyalty for stupidity..don’t!”

“Moving on to start all over again!…Fuck it!..”

“if dey sleep on u..move on!”

Err WizKid did you actually mean Sleep or Step???? Anyways moving on….


Banky W obviously isn’t finding the whole situation funny because hes reported to have actually tweeted and deleted:

“This is what happens when you pick someone up from the gutters and make him something”

Hmmmmmn, this is a steaming gist and am eager to know what yall think about it!

Leave your comments and keep watching this space for more info as this story unfolds.









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  1. Reblogged this on crewdefinition's Blog and commented:
    Only God knows what must have gone wrong between them. Let’s hope they talk that out

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