Jeff Epule: A Camerounian Born Jim Iyke Has Risen In Nigeria


The Jim Iyke look alike has no time for idle talks. He has worked hard to be who he is now and is enjoying every minute of fame, success and more work!

“I love what I do and don’t want to ever look back and regret anything I said or did on or off the camera,” Jeff Epule said recently.

The actor who got his breakthrough in the 2011 flick “Triangle of Tears” has been featured in more than five major movies since then including “Blood or Wine,” co-produced by Jim Iyke, and this year’s most anticipated motion picture, “Decoded.”

“The world will finally get to know who Jeff is and what he is capable of doing with “Decoded,” says the film’s producer, Teh Reagan. “He was on his A game and will ever be.”

Recently proclaimed one of the Fabulous 6 stars in Cameroon, Epule has upped the ante by increasing his fee this year to match his skyrocketing star power. And if anyone doubts that he deserves it, winning Best Actor at the 2012 Cameroon Entertainment Awards in United States and the 2012 DAMA Best Actor Award for “Decoded” only makes him even more valuable.

“He’s one of the most dedicated actors I’ve ever seen,” Jim Iyke himself confirms!!


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