The Re-Birth of EVAEZI


EVAEZI (@I_AM_EVAEZI) who is NOT the same as Eva Alordiah the rapper has been on her grind since 1996 back when she bore the name EVA (Da Diva). But of recent times, she seems to be in a re-inventing phase, having fun with music wherever she finds it. Her controversial ‘The Break Up song’ filled with wit and humor has put d spotlight on her again. Her feature in Boogey’s BURNING BUSH which many have described as ‘hauntingly beautiful’ has confirmed that she IS NOT your average singer and songwriter.

Her songs and vocal displays are more daring, more controversial than ever and she seems to be getting better while she’s having fun with it… I believe this sets her apart from any other female singer in Nigeria. Her versatility is off the hook.

Evaezi now has found her way to the studio of hot rising producer DHECADE (@dhecade) and has done a ‘steamy’, ‘sexy’ teaser track called COME CLOSER which features the smooth vocals of pretty boy MORELL (@imorell).

Download here:

*Daniel For NiajaScoop*


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