Tunde Ednut: ‘My Wife Must Be Creative In Bed’


To a lot of Nigerians based in the UK, Tunde Ednut is a comedian. To those back home, he is a pop singer.

Whatever the case, Tunde Ednut is a popular face in entertainment circles and as is always the case, attracts female attention.

However, the Catching Cold crooner, who was a year older last week Sunday, has stated that he is reducing his wayward behaviour and planning to settle down soon.

“Bachelorhood and skirt -hasing has become a bore to me. I want to settle down with a God-fearing, responsible, caring, loving, respectful, hardworking woman who in all ways will be totally devoted to me first and foremost, then, our children. And one of the greatest qualities she must possess before I commit my heart in her hands is, she must be very creative in bed,” Tunde Ednut said.

“I know who I am, I fear God so much. The Holy book says having sex when you are not married to your partner is a sin. Married, yet doing it with an outsider is adultery. So for me, I don’t want to look for fun beyond the woman I want to spend my married life with; that is why she must be creative in bed. Once I say, ‘Yes, I do,’ it means no more humping around.” Tunde Ednut further said.


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