Former Tinsel Star Damilola Adegbite Opens Up On Life After Tinsel & The Future

Late last year, VMZEntertainment conducted an interview with Tinsel star, Damilola Adegbite and in that interview she opened up on her humble beginnings, how she got the role as Telema Duke on Tinsel and her relationship status.

Here’s some titbits from the interview:
She always wanted to be an actress – Although she went to study Business Administration at Bowen, Iwo, Osun, Damilola tells us via the interview, She explains that ”I am one of those kids who used to dress up and spend hours in front of  the mirror talking to myself making my own script off my head. So I always knew that I was going to be an actress and I don’t think anybody in family doubted that”

On her decision to leave Tinsel – Fans of the hit M-Net show loved her portrayal of Telema Duke, so why did she decided to leave, It was a ”personal” one, she tells us in the interview. She further said ”I needed to pay attention to some personal demons that I had to face, so leaving tinsel wasn’t something I thought I would do but sometimes in life, you just face a change and you have to embrace it”

Journey So Far After Tinsel – She calls the journey an “interesting” one, that she is learning everyday. Damilola also reveals that she has her eyes on other “angles of the industry”. Maybe she is talking about producing or directing her own movie.

On the Future – So what does the future look like for Damilola? You’ll think it is to appear in more feature films but it is far from that. She explains in the interview that she recently opened her store Damiville. I sell accessories, make-up and aromatherapy. So (For the Future), I hope to build an empire in that aspect of my life. She tells us.

Is She Single or Married? – When her asked about her relationship status, Damilola played coy. She raised her hands up signifying that she’s single. “It’s either single or married right, it’s single”.



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