Rita Dominic Steals The Body Of A Ghanian Actress To Pose As Herself


Ok this to us here at NaijaScoop is really hilarious and we can’t stop laughing. Please take a good look at the Ghanian movie poster above. Now take another very good look at the lady on your left in the poster. Now take a look at this Nollywood poster below:


Are you still confused as to what’s going on? Let us help you out! Apparently, the same body of the lady on the left of the Ghanian poster, was stolen off the poster and photoshopped into the Nollywood poster with Rita Dominic’s head replacing the real head of the real owner of the body who happens to be Chichi Neblett, a Liberian born Ghanian actress.

We here at NaijaScoop thinks the people behind this Nollywood poster should really be talked to and some actions taken because while others are trying to make the industry better, some others can’t just be doing whatsoever they deem fit like people under no authority!


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